SoSu Pure Honey

Purely Excellent

Sosu Pure is a Texas-based natural foods company. We are named for the new African country of South Sudan, where skilled beekeepers and farmers in the rich Equatoria Greenbelt produce natural foods, oils and botanicals of exceptional purity.

We’re confident about the quality, flavor and wholesomeness of the Sosu Pure label, because we’ve spent five years getting to know our South Sudan producers and the products they make. We’ve watched producers combine modern methods with techniques passed down for generations. We’ve met the farmers and visited their homes to taste the local fare. ¬†We’ve walked the roads and trails to eat fruit off the trees and smell the wild herbs in the clean air.

The Sosu Pure experience is a special kind of journey for us, and there is a story with each unique natural product we bring to you. We’re an American company creating great products together with skilled artisan farmers. We’re also supporting opportunities for our South Sudanese partners to gain a dignified and sustainable economic independence after forty years of war and hardship.