100% Pure Natural Honey


Naturally Superior

Sosu Pure is always looking for the next varietal honey to offer our customers, so our team members travel thousands of miles from home to taste and test samples from all over South Sudan. But no matter what the flavor, Sosu Pure guarantees a great honey and a premium quality experience.

A great honey starts with a healthy hive. We pay special attention that our bees stay strong with natural supplements instead of antibiotics, treat the hives with organic pest treatments, and nourish the plants with natural fertilizers.

As our honey makes the journey from the hive to your kitchen shelf, we only use new food-safe containers. We don’t blend our honey with honey from other locations. We never boil our honey. And we don’t add high fructose syrup, sugars or other sweeteners.

Sosu Pure Honey is sold raw and unprocessed. That means we strain out the wax and small impurities, leaving the honey just the way the bees made it. Our honey comes with its original nutrients, enzymes and plant pollens, which many consider healthier than commercially processed honey.

It all adds up to better beekeeping, healthy bees, wholesome honey, and satisfied customers.