100% Pure Natural Honey


Straight From the Source

From the farm and forest to your home, the Sosu Pure team in America and South Sudan works hard to keep Sosu Pure’s products natural and wholesome. We give close attention to every stage of production - from the TLC we lavish on the bees that make our honey, to preserving the unique tropical ecosystem.

The Sosu Pure team wants to make sure every product meets high quality standards. That’s why our raw honey is strained but never filtered, and why our cold-pressed shea butter is fresh and natural.

You won’t find artificial pesticides, fertilizers or chemicals in Sosu Pure products. As one of our farmer-partners put it, “Things grow here naturally. We don’t want to change that.”

Sosu Pure Honey is a natural creation of healthy bees who make their home in the wide savannah and upland forests of South Sudan. They feed off the nectar from native plants, wildflowers, and fruit trees, including species like Neem and Moringa valued by the local communities for their homeopathic medicinal properties. People say that you are what you eat, so it’s no surprise that our bees produce a honey that is distinctive, healthful and flavorful.

Sosu Pure’s first offering of varietal artisan honey comes from South Sudan’s Kajo Keji County, where verdant mountains meet the Nile River and bees draw nectar from a variety of the subtropical flowering trees and plants. The result is a complex and satisfying honey, sweet but with a faint hint of citrus on the palate.

We think it’s delicious, and invite you to try it for yourself.